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ANEW Clinical Eye Lift

America's #1 eye cream* is now NEW & IMPROVED!
Lifts the brow bone, upper and under eye areas. Includes Upper Eye/Brow Bone Gel and Under Eye Cream. Each, .33 fl. oz.; .66 total fl. oz.
CEW Insider's Choice Beauty Winner.

Brow Bone/Upper Eye Gelwith Dimensional Lift Technology™ is formulated to:• firm brow bone area to help provide an instant lift***• instantly help the brow bone area feel tighter***• after 4 weeks, improve visible sagging of brow bone area†• instantly tighten and firm upper eye area***• after 4 weeks, improve visible drooping of upper eye area†

Under Eye Creamwith Derma-Refine Technology™:• NOW… boosted with Sweet Almond Extract, known for its potent lifting power• instantly minimizes visible under eye shadowing***• after 4 weeks, visibly reduces dark circles & crepiness†

*Based on mass-market sales through March 2007.
**Results not comparable to professional procedures.
***Based on a consumer-perception study.
†Based on a dermatologist-supervised clinical study.
††Awarded to original Clinical Eye Lift.

**Awarded to orginal Clinical Eye Lift.

"Many women start to experience sagging in the eyelid area as early as their late 30s or early 40s. ANEW CLINIAL Eye Lift is a nonsurgical way to begin to address upper and under eye sagging with two customized formulas." - Rashida Poorman, Skin Care Expert with over 10 year's experience in skin care development & education.


  1. What a great idea getting a blog for your Avon business! I've been an Avon girl for years!
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