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Toni Brattin* Hair Extensions

The Magic is in the hair! Transform your look with Toni Brattin* Hair Extensions. The styles you want, the colors you need. Endless possibilities! Works on any hair length or type.

15" L clip-in. Comb clip attachment. Adds volume and length. Modacrylic.
*Toni Brattin:

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Toni Brattin is a leading creator of hair accessories for any woman seeking to transform her look. Always true to her Midwestern roots, she has created a hair accessories line that is affordable, comfortable and that lets you be the best and most beautiful you in seconds
Reg. $35.00
Sale $29.99
Try it today!


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  5. This is the long lasting hair extension and it is so old beauty industry but reliable and the product is in a-one class......

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