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FootzyRolls ~ The Rollable, Foldable Shoe ~ Too Cute!

Have you seen these shoes yet?

These shoes are your spare pair of shoes... always there just in case... pop them into any bag...Stylish and practical. When you are out on the town or just have worn the wrong shoes out for the day...Footzyrolls to the rescue!


Jenifer and Sarah Caplan never thought bruised feet and uncomfortable high heels would help them to become designers.

Like so many women out there, Jenifer and Sarah strut in stilettos with heels of all sizes just because it is the latest “must have shoe,” but in reality, they don’t make it very far before feeling the pain. After years of angry boyfriends yelling at them for their early departures from all kinds of events (weddings, concerts, birthday parties and big sporting events) because their feet just can’t take it anymore, they knew a drastic change needed to be made. It is here where Footzyrolls, the rollable shoe, is born.

Since college, Sarah carried a large evening bag with an extra pair of shoes for all of the many times her feet started to burn. Although the latest bag or clutch may be in her closet, it is never worn because there is no room for the extra shoes, and no place to store the heels once off her feet. Her friends would laugh and tease her about the large bag, but by the end of the night they are begging to borrow the shoes...even just for a few minutes.

After viewing a behind-the-scenes show with Oprah and listening to her suffer and complain about the pain of high heeled shoes, Sarah realized that this problem was widespread for women, and inspired her to do something. Sarah knew immediately that she needed the help of her sister, Jenifer, if she wanted woman's feet to start feeling great again. The two of them began to brainstorm together and discuss all of the pain that women feel while wearing heels. Sarah has a Finance background and is currently Vice President at a large financial institution, while Jenifer has a background in Public Relations and Accounting, the sisters used all of their skills to start the company. With all of these talents and skills, and a great idea and vision, the fundamental’s of how their business runs was created. They know that it’s only a matter of time before Footzyrolls, rollable, foldable shoe, will change women's lives forever.

Stop by Footzyrolls and order yours today!

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