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My Project 365 ~ Days 8 - 14

Day 1 ~ Kaitlin and her friend Carly after their basketball game

Day 2 ~ Lily, our English Bulldog, warming up by the fire
 Day 3 ~ The 5 inch snow storm we had ~ Isn't it Beautiful!?!

Day 4 ~ My husband, Mike, shoveling the snow off the driveway along with Daisy, our boston terrier, she hated hearing the noise of the shovel so she was barking fiercely!

Day 5 ~ Lily loved playing in the snow.  She is so CuTe!

Day 6 ~ Photo of some things I received in the mail in givaway winnings.  Chip & dip plate, twister game, pretzels, lotion, flip flops, blanket, coupons and a grocery bag.  FUN!

Day 7 ~ Home Sweet Home

Hope you enjoyed my photos in my first week of Project 365.
Taking one photo each day for a year.


  1. Such pretty pics of your family, home & dog~^~ I am following you back thanks for stopping by my page~Shari 1grown2togo
    (via GFC & email)

  2. Great week. Funny the bulldog in the snow..white on white!


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