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PR Friendly

PR Friendly

Media Kit for Mommy’s Moments

I am Karen, the author of Mommy’s Moments. I am a PR Friendly blog. I am accepting items for review and/or giveaway. My email address is kkfoster35@msn.com   Please email me if you are interested in me reviewing and/or giving away your product.

About Me
I am a wife (of 24 years), mom of a 15 year old boy and 13 year old girl. I am also an Office Manager for an Engineering firm in Nashville, TN.

Reviews & Giveaways
I would love to review your product. I will review books, men, women and teen items, accessories, home items, food & health and beauty products. I also enjoy hosting giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to increase the traffic to your businesses website.

What you are responsible for:
Businesses are responsible for providing the review item and the giveaway item.  Although I do not charge for a review, I need the actual product in order to review it.  If you choose to have me host a giveaway, I will hold it for 2+ weeks.  Your business will be responsible for shipping the item to the winner.  Reviewed items will not be returned.

How the review or giveaway works:
After I have reviewed your product(s), I will post the review on my blog.  The review will contain links back to your main page as well as any specific product links required.  I will advertise my post on Facebook and Twitter.  If you choose to do a giveaway, I link up with other blogs and share my giveaway information there. I also will include entries that encourage interaction with your website.

I offer advertising space on the sidebar of my blog.  I will post your 125x125 store button on my blog.  One month for $5.  Please email me for multiple months rates. Paypal payments only. My email is kkfoster35@msn.com.  I will only accept family friendly buttons.  I reserve the right to decline your banner/button.

Updated January 17, 2011: Blog Followers 400+; Twitter Followers 1350+; Facebook Followers 1500+(private facebook); Facebook Followers 50+(Blog page), Feedburner count:70+

Thank you for considering Mommy’s Moments for your review or giveaway item.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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