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Easy accessories for Valentine's Day ~ Vocalpoint

If a Valentine’s Day primping session is in your future, this is the article for you. You don’t have to wear a loud pink, red and white ensemble to show you’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit. There are plenty of ways to use more subtle, sophisticated accessories to show off shades of red and pink. Whether you're heading off on a dinner date or spending the evening at home with your loved ones, here are some sweet ways to accessorize.

Use brooches and other clip-ons. Have a set of matching red pins or glittery clip-ons? Your possibilities are endless here—attach them to a pair of black flats you already own; put one on the lapel of your coat or sweater; attach one to your purse. If you don’t have any but would love to find a few, visit the jewelry-making section of your nearest craft store for some pre-made brooches or to find out how to make your own.

Make a flower pin. Don’t have a brooch or cool pin you can attach to shoes or your sweater? No problem—just make your own! All you need is some red felt or linen, a black small sewing bead or button, a safety pin, and some basic sewing skills. Cut out a one-inch circle and a two-inch circle, then center the small circle on top of the large one. Center the button on top of both fabric layers, and sewing from beneath, sew the button to the fabric, securing the fabric together in the process. When finished, thread a safety pin through the bottom layer of fabric, then attach it to whatever you like—a sweater or fabric clutch, for example, or make two flowers that you can pin to a pair of black flats.

If you wish, you could make the pin with several layers of cloth instead of just two, or make it much larger or smaller. You could also use different colors and play around with the types of beads that hold the center together. Alternatively, forget the safety pin and hot-glue the flower to the end of a bobby pin to use in your hair! Obviously, let the hot glue dry completely before you use it.

Find that red bag. If you’re in the market for a new bag or clutch, consider going for something red! A red bag or clutch is often the perfect compliment to many outfits—a black and/or white top with a pair of dark jeans, your little black (or blue, or white) dress, or with anything else red. You’ll use it far beyond Valentine’s Day, and besides: it just oozes chic. Try it out and see!

Use those tights. If you’re wearing a dress, it’s too cold to go bare-legged anyway. There's nothing like a set of sheer black tights with that little black (or red, or blue, or white, or gray, or purple, or. . .) dress to make you feel confident, sexy, and sophisticated. Want to get quirky? You can find an inexpensive set of red or pink tights at your nearest Target, Meijer, or Wal-Mart.

Valentine's Makeup. If ever there was a time for lipstick or tinted lip gloss, it is Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re staying in or heading out, get that lipstick out of your makeup bag and apply! If you’d like to refrain from the fire-engine red shade preferred by starlets, try something berry-tinted, which is more magenta than red, and less harsh. Make sure you do a light coating.

That’s it! Use a few of these tips for a classy, sophisticated Valentine’s Day look.

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