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Fibromyalgia ~ The Buzz Behind the Gluten-Free Diet

An estimated 1 in 133 people in the United States have a sensitivity to gluten. For these people, removal of gluten from their diet has been shown to reduce inflammation and alleviate aches and pains, and this symptom-reducing quality makes a gluten-free diet seemingly a no-brainer for fibromyalgia patients. The changes to your diet won't be painless, but the relief to your physical pain just might be worth it.

Say No To...
Pasta, bread, crackers, cereal, cookies, cake, gravy, pie, beer, salad dressing, candy, including licorice, processed lunch meat, imitation meat or seafood, and sauce, including soy sauce and croutons. Gluten is a protein found in foods that are processed from wheat, barley, rye and related species so foods made with grains should be avoided unless they are specifically labeled gluten free.

Say Yes To...
Meat, poultry and fish that is not marinated, breaded or injected with broth; fruits and vegetables; dairy products; potatoes; rice; and gluten-free flours like teff, rice, corn, soy, and potato.

Watch Labels
Products labeled "wheat-free" may still have barley or spelt in them so it's important to thoroughly read the ingredients listed on a particular item. Food additives such as malt flavoring and some products that touch your mouth like stamps, toothpaste, lipstick, medicines, and vitamins may also contain gluten. Check with manufacturers for more information on certain brands that are gluten-free.

Trader Joes carries an extensive list of gluten-free items in its stores, along with a product guide on its website at www.traderjoes.com. If you plan on eating out, review the restaurant's menu online before you go to make sure they have options that suit your needs.

Credits:  Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers Incorporated
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  1. Thanks Karen! Finally, after all these years I find someone willing to talk about Fibro! I unfortunately have an even bigger problem that complicates the no gluten thing. I have IC (it has a longer name but I can never spell it righ)It is a chronic bladder condition that makes it feel like you have an urinary tract infection all the time! And anything that has potassium in it will set it off. I also have IBS and at first was doing the gluten free for the IBS. Then when the IC hit me last year, I had to give ups so much stuff like sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, all juices, all tomatos and stuff that has tomatoes in it, even peanut butter. I take all kinds of meds but they don't help 100& of the time. I still have to have "rescue treatments" where they spray my bladder with numbing agents so I won't feel it. I am hoping to win your Custom Cereal in hopes that maybe it won't have any potassium. Even plain ole Cheerios has potassium as well as Ritz crackers. I used to eat them alot when I would get sick or felt faint. So, now, I don't know what I am going to do. If you run across any info on potassium free or at least low potassium foods pass it along. I would appreciate it. You know, all these things I have are related. I have RA which keeps the inflammation in my body high and they say that is why I have IBS, IC and the Fibro. These are all autoimmune disorders and somewhere a couple of years ago something triggered it. They have asked me a million questions about stress or trauma but honestly my life has pretty much stayed the same as any other mom. But anyhow, I have already gone thru 4 drugs for RA to get the inflammation down and they only work for a few months then stop. I am doing infusions now *6-7 hours in that chair* just like a chemo patient and it destroys my immune system for up to 4 months. When they test my bloodwork in March and it still hasn't moved I am saying no more of this infusion. It costs $16,000 a pop and I have had 4 and I can't tell any difference. And it is so potent and dangerous you can only have it 4 times a year. I have to take antibiotics just to get my teeth cleaned! Thats how bad they have destroyed my immune system. Sorry, I did not mean to get into all that. But I am glad that someone is talking about Fibro because it is very serious and it leads to these other health issues like mine. If you can nip it in the bud earlier than I did, you may not get all these disorders. Unforunately, the doctors say it is like a domino effect, once you get one the rest follow in line. It may take awhile or hit you all at once like me within 2 years of being diagnosed with Fibro all these things have happened. The RA & Fibro completely destroyed my knees and both have been totally replaced. So, maybe your words of wisdom will help someone before it gets as bad as mine. Good job in finding this information.



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