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*~*I have been featured*~*


I have been featured on BLOGGERS.COM

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  1. Hi Karen. I stopped by on the Lovey Dovey blog hop and wanted to say I love the scripture quotes you have on your blog. Thanks for posting.

    Best wishes for an awesome day!

    I'd love to connect with you on my blog as well at http://itmakesscents2me.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Karen, I have been entering your contest for awhile now and decided to start my own blog because of the extra entries and I read your profile and you say you have been doing this for 6 months. How did you learn all this so fast? I am really struggling to enter contests and try to post them for the extra entries. Some bloggers want a certain amount of followers thru GFC to get those extra entries. Any suggestions on how to get people to follow my blog? I would really appreciate it.



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