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StoryTimeForMe.com ~ Interactive Children's Book Library ~ Ages 1-8

I would like to share information with you about a new fun and educational resource that I thought my readers might appreciate, as it’s for parents with young children ages 1-8.

This is an online Children’s Book Library, with all original storybooks that teach socially relevant themes such as “Do Not Bully”, “Clean Up The Environment” and “Help A Friend”.   They also have an Earth Day Program for teachers to share with their students that is coming soon.

Check out StoryTimeForMe.com. There is no need to register or to log-in.

Even though my kids are older than 8 ~ I thought this site was great!  It's FUN and FREE!!

"LIKE" them on Facebook HERE and be sure to tell them that Mommy's Moments sent you by!

On their FACEBOOK page they have a monthly raffle to win a multimedia personalized book. Every month, a raffle will be drawn from everyone that joins our Facebook fan page. You'll also notice a book alert feature should people want to be alerted when new books are added to the library.

Hope you and your kids enjoy!

I received this info from Becca Thomas @ www.StoryTimeForMe.com

A Public Online Children's Book Library for Kids Ages 1-8

Turn a Child on to Reading by Sharing Our Book Library

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  1. That is such a marvelous idea, online children's book library. Since more kids are love the world wide web I think that kids would really like this concept.


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