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Have you tried Kushyfoot?

New Kushyfoot super ultra low cut sock offers stay-put comfort to feet in sleekest shoes.

In the ultra-demanding circumstances faced by a sock designed to be invisible in a minimal shoe, staying put on the foot can be tough.  Kushyfoot set out to meet and overcome the challenge, and - as they typically do - with their new Super Ultra Low Cut sock, they've succeeded.  Great year-round when a little bareness matched with comfort is the right solution.

Kushyfoot has built its reputation and commercial success on delivering true, advanced foot cover innovation for different wearers and varied circumstances, in small, affordable and attractive packages.  The new Super Ultra Low Cut sock is no exception.  With a special sewn in pad within the heel area that makes it absolutely sure it will never shift or fall off and a luxurious padded sole, it is always there to deliver the total comfort that Kushyfoot wearers have come to expect and demand - even when they are wearing styles like ballet flats or shoes with cut out vamps.  Featuring tremendous stretch and recovery range, it will fit a small, petite foot, as well as a larger fit, so one size truly does fit all.

In stores this Spring/Summer, just in time to be placed invisibly inside the latest, sleekest, most minimal new shoes for the warm months of the year - Kushyfoot Super Ultra Low Cut sock will be available at a retail price of $6.99 for a 2-pair pack, in nude, black and assorted pack with one pair in black and the other in nude.

My Review:
I loved this low cut sock.  I wore them with my ballet flats to work and really liked the kushy padded sole at the ball of my feet.  These are really great!

These can be purchased at:
and in stores this Spring/Summer  BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!

Disclosure: Company sent products for review purposes only. No other compensation was given.

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