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Shapercise {powered by ShaToBu} Review

With the popularity of both shapewear and exercise wear high and on the rise, this Fall's arrival of the new Shapercise {powered by ShaToBu} is sure to please many consumers who want the benefits of both at an affordable price.

As shapewear, Shapercise, Powered by ShaToBu, prevides instant results with smoother body contours, and as all-day exercise wear, it is scientifically proven to effortlessly tone muscles and burn off extra calories.  What woman wouldn't be interested?

Chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron developed this patent-pending technology to:
  • provide matchless shaping and support for the tummy, hips, thighs and derriere, and
  • add extra resistance with the addition of strategically placed seamless bands for increased muscle work when walking or moving
The results?  A sleeker body, better muscle tone and extra calories burned throughout the day ~ all in a comortable garment.

High Waist Body Shaper..........

•Seamless resistance bands provide muscle toning and increased caloric burn
•High waist for superior control and shaping for tummy and muffin top
•Slims booty and thighs while flattening the tummy
•Smoothes and helps eliminate visible panty lines; comfortable waist and legbands won’t bulge, roll or leave marks
•Moisture-wicking, breathable fabric and COOLMAX® cotton gusset to keep you cool and dry
•The perfect body slimmer to wear under a skirt or a dress or when wearing fitted garments

Wearing the High Waist Body Shaper does wonders for the way your clothing looks, and fits, and feels on. Gone are those lumps and bumps and all of a sudden clothing looks the way it once did.

Shapercise products le to purchase online! Shapercise is available to fit a wide range of women from 95 lbs to 235 lbs. The High Waist Body Shaper retails for the affordable price of $34.99 and the Waist to Knee Shaper is $29.99.  Each one shipps with exercise tips and a free Pedometer included in the package to show the wearer how far they've gone each day.

I liked the way this product made my body look in my clothes ~ no bulges ;.)  That is important to us women!

You can find them:


Disclaimer:  I received this item to review from Lipton Publicity and these opinions are my own.


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