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Become.com ~ Shopping Your Way

I just came across a great shopping website ~ Become.com where you can Share, Shop and Save!  This website helps you find the item you are looking for and you can comparative shop from stores like Kohls, Sears, Macy's and more!

Here are a few items they have:
Trixxi Dresses ~ they are so cute and they have many to choose from!!  This dress is from Nordstrom and priced right at $33.90.  How great is that!

You have to check out the Leather Backpack Purses.  I have one similar to this one and it is great when you travel and less pain on your shoulders trying to keep a regular purse on it.  This particular backpack is from CSN stores priced at $43.99.

I also love that it is time for SANDALS!!  Here is a great pair of Gianni Bini shoes. These are too cute and priced at $49.99.

I encourage you to stop by Become.com and check out what they can offer you!  This is a new favorite site for me!!  HAPPY SHOPPING TO YOU ALL ;.)

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