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Blog Bash 2011 ~ Sponsor Spotlight ~ Distinctly Ivy

Ivy at DistinctlyIvy has graciously offered a $15 gift certificate to her Etsy shop where she designs Elegant Feminine Jewelry to the winner of the 
~Mommy's Moments~ Ladies / Mom Package #4!

Making jewelry has been my passion since I was 14. After five years playing with it, I designed the bridesmaid bracelets for my sister's wedding. Since then, I have expanded my jewelry designs and started an Etsy shop.

My dream for DistinctlyIvy is to be able to quit my day job and stay home with my children. We don't have children yet as we are waiting on timing and finances but I would love to spend each and every day with them once they arrive.

My inspiration comes mostly from nature. The sky, the trees, the wildlife... you'll see it all in my jewelry. I love to customize so if you're in search for something special, just ask!



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