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Do you have a Pet??

Aren't they so cute!!??!!
I love pets!  I cannot remember NOT having a pet.  I think I get the love of pets from my Dad.  He loved pets too.  If there was a stray around, he'd take it in.  If someone had puppies in a box at a local K-Mart, he'd bring one home.

I think I remember at one point we had 6 pets at one time ;.)
Daisy has one brown eye and a blue one.
We had indoor dogs and outdoor dogs.  Our indoor dogs were like kids at our house ~ they would sleep with you in the bed (which is great in the wintertime).  Sit in your lap.  We had miniature schnauzers.  Great dogs to have.  Both of our schnauzers had a litter of puppies.  Wow, so cool to watch puppies being born.

In our household we have 2 indoor pets ~ a boston terrier named Daisy and an english bulldog named Lily (flower names).  We just love them.

Do you have a pet?  Let me know what you LOVE about your pet ;.)

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  1. We've got four cats (Bob, Dexter, Zeus and Grendel) and one Miniature Schnauzer/Rat Terrier mix (Pixie). They are all rescues (Grendel was the only one that wasn't abandoned).

    The cats keep me entertained with their antics. Since we bought our house, life has been FAR more fun - we have hardwood floors. Nothing like hearing cats doing burnouts on the floors at 3:00 a.m.!!!! They also love the fact that they can bat their toys under things: the refrigerator, the stove, closet doors, the TV stand, the cedar chest...if it's off the floor more than half an inch, it's got toys under it. Once a week or so, we have to take a stick and drag all the toys out and the games begin all over again!

    My dog keeps me busy. She chose us at a shelter, I was having a tough time at that point in life, I thought it'd be good to have someone to motivate me to get out of bed in the morning and out for walks. The wrong dog chose us. lol In the morning, I have to search for her under the blankets and encourage her to get out of bed to go out and potty (for a small dog, she has amazing potty-holding abilities - she can go 12-15 hours no problem). She loves walks, but again, she's not asking for them, we have to get her excited. She sleeps all night with me, then when my hubby gets home from work in the morning and sleeps, she sleeps all day with him. World's laziest dog candidate at our house.

    As bad as we've suffered from the economy - I never even dreamed of giving up any of our pets. We've had to really tighten our belts, but our pets bring such joy that I think it'd do more harm than good to have to find them new homes!


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