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Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight ~ Petal Chic Boutique

Lisa at Petal Chic Boutique has graciously offered a Petal Chic Hat in the
~Mommy's Moments~ Teen Girl Package #1!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
At Petal Chic  you will find frayed fabric embellishments for military hats, cowboy & floppy beach hats, baby & teen headbands, and tees! Perfect for representing your college, high school, sorority, or just for the everyday fashionista.  All embellishments are personally hand-cut and frayed, to make a unique, one-of-a-kind statement.

It's a great way to dress up a tee and hide a bad hair day.

Find Petal Chic Boutique on FACEBOOK and her WEBSITE!
Follow in these places, it will be the ways you can enter to win this giveaway package!!


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