bx92Miyzm9HEFkaEhYzly8BCg8g ~Mommy's Moments~: Do your kids love to play Games?? Check out this one!


Do your kids love to play Games?? Check out this one!


Imperia 13: The Card Game
The Epic Battle made by kids, just for kids
Imperia 13 is a two-person card game, designed by kids, tested by kids, and made specifically for kids! The eye-catching artwork and action packed cards will 
keep kids entertained- they won't even notice that it's full of educational benefits!
About the game:
Each player starts with an arsenal of 100 items but can only bring 70 of these to battle. Decide if you want more offense or defense and choose items to match your strategy. Will you go for a quick revolution to seize power or try wearing down your opponent slowly instead? Command your soldiers and direct your attacks skillfully... the fate of the Empire rests on you!

With multiple ways to win, every game is unique. Encourage creativity and imagination today with Imperia 13: The Card Game!
visit www.imperia13.com

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