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flOwer bUcket bOUtique ~ Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight!

Jamie with flOwer bUcket bOUtique has graciously offered a $20 Gift Certificate to her Etsy Shop in the 
~Mommy's Moments~ Expectant Mom Package!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
My name is Jamie.  I live in a small, very small town called Pima in Arizona.  I have three kids, a daughter and two boys. Kensingten is 7, Taylor 5, and Grant 2.  Aside from etsy, I choreograph contemporary dance numbers for a local dance studio twice a year.  Since I grew up all my life dancing, it's something I make an effort to continue.  I'm also a photographer, which comes in handy with my etsy ventures.

Growing up, I like to think I was a very creative person.  Before my grandma passed, she used to visit during winter holidays and let us join her in creating all kinds of nicknacks - candy cane reindeer, hand painted ceramic ornaments, earrings and bracelets, shoelace hair clips, you name it.  So I guess it started long ago and since then, the next time I remember creating was my wedding. Single handedly (with delegations for my siblings), I handcrafted my wedding announcements, made the chair covers and other decorations, arranged for a catered family dinner and anything else that came along.  The next journey on my creativity is a fairly common one. With the birth of my daughter, I dived head on into scrapbooking and in turn into photography, purchasing my first professional camera when she was four.  Then, after creating a few photography props, I started a small (intended to be temporary) etsy shop and 1 page of 24 items turned into 500 items in about one year.  It's sort of become an addiction.  I have an inspiration and it ends up in the shop.  Let's just say, 2010 was a very inspiring year for the bucket.  

And as far as my market, my market is me, in a sense - other moms out there trying to keep their own style and uniquely dress their kids, brides who are concerned about budget, and other people looking for custom made accessories with attention to detail and personalized customer service.  I like to think a lot of the shop's success comes from my mission to offer not only trendsetting accessories, but boutique quality at budget prices. I like to think that every piece in the shop could be purchased and worn by someone I know.  I have a wide price range of items to fit all budgets, without compromising quality.  What was really an incidental beginning has snowballed into a fulfilling everyday experience.  



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