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Market Mommies Deal of the Day ~ The Boys Store

May 18, 2011 | www.marketmommies.com

MM Deal of the Day - The Boy's Storehttp://www.theboysstore.biz
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Moms of boys - are you tired of finding tons of cute things for girls, but are stuck with sweats and tees for your boys?  To the rescue, The Boy's Store!  Suzanne's shop carries the latest, adorable styles for the little man in your life!

     Knuckleheads Appaman

LollyBean Kid Couture

About The Boy's Store:
TBS was the child of necessity – First and foremost I need to say I am not a shopper – I just cannot fathom enjoying spending all day going from store to store just for fun.

As my son matured from a toddler into a child, I discovered that it was exactly what I was doing week after week just to find him some suitable items to wear. The final straw came when we decided he should learn how to swim. He almost never made it to any swimming lessons as it took me over three weeks to find him one (yes 1) pair of swim trunks that fit. As I started my research into boys clothing stores, I was fortunate to find a boy’s clothing store for sale which included a fledgling website. Knowing someone else had spent the time and energy into a boy’s clothing-only store gave me confidence. I now knew I was on the right track. I snapped up the business, website, inventory and started a new adventure called The Boy’s Store.  


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