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Sponsor Spotlight ~ Jay Jackson Designs

Jay at Jay Jackson Designs has graciously offered a forged copper bracelet from his etsy shop for the
~Mommy's Moments~ Men's Package!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
About Jay ~Steamfitter/Ops Manager by trade, Jewelry Craftsman at heart.

My passion is to design and fabricate unique, one of a kind creations and have been doing so for several years now.

The main tools used in my works are the hammers and anvil pictured in my avatar on Etsy and the main working process is forging, which is the stretching and moving of metal with the hammers.  

With these tools I am able to take raw metal and transform it into eye appealing works of art.  

My ambition is to make this a full time part of my life.

Find Jay on FACEBOOK and his ETSY shop!

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