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Tip: How to enter Giveaways on my Blog

Ok, this post is for all my friends who do not understand how to enter giveaways HERE on my blog ~ it is really simple ;.)

Basic Entry Info:

First  ~ SIGN UP FOR YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT you will  need this to leave comments on my blog posts.

Second ~ On my blog to enter a giveaway you just  "leave a comment"  ~ So you leave your comment in the box, type in the security code displayed if there is one and you will also have to sign in. Sign in with your GOOGLE ID (you just created)  When you do so, MAKE SURE that your e-mail address is listed in your Blogger profile.  In my giveaways I ask you to leave your e-mail address in the comment so I can contact you if you win!  Make sure to "disguise" your e-mail from spammers by typing it in an encrypted format ~ Like this:

karen {at} msn {dot} com

Ok ~ now what type of comment should you leave? For my giveaways, I will specify a particular question that you must answer. This often involves visiting the web site of the giveaway sponsor and selecting an item that you like, following the blog via Google Friend Connect, "like" on Facebook, etc. Make sure that you always leave the requested comment or your entry will not be valid!

For Extra Entries:
Perform the requested action and go back and add another comment stating what you did. These are just a few of the extra entries sometimes offered:

Become a Follower in Google Friend Connect- EASY PEASY!  Since you created your Google account already you just need to click on "become a follower" wherever they have it posted in the side bar and click FOLLOW.  Look for the widget you see here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Your comment will look like this:

GFC Follower

karen {at} msn {dot} com

Twitter - You can earn extra entries for either following a blogger or the giveaway sponsor on Twitter and/or tweeting about the contest. To do this, you will first need to register for a Twitter account. After you register, you can follow someone by clicking on their Twitter link to get to their Twitter profile and click the "follow" button at the top of the page.  You can also tweet about a contest.  At the bottom of the post you can click on the Twitter icon "t" and twitter will open up and you can DOCTOR UP the wording as you like and then TWEET!  I have you include a link to your TWEET and you get that by clicking on the words at the end of your posted tweet where it shows how long ago you posted it, it will look something like this ~ "less than 10 seconds ago".  When you click on it, you will see your last post and you copy the URL from the address bar on your browser and include it with your comment, i.e.

Your comment will look like this:

following on twitter @mommysmoments (your twitter id)


karen {at} msn {dot} com

Facebook - You can often get an extra entry for "liking" the blog or the giveaway sponsor and/or posting about the giveaway as your Facebook status or posting on the blogger's or sponsor's wall.   Set up a Facebook account.  To "like" a blog/sponsor, just click on the link taking you to their Facebook wall and then find the LIKE button at the top of the page and click it. Some bloggers also offer an extra entry if you follow their blog with Facebook Networked Blogs.  For this, you'll see a widget that looks a lot like the Google Friend Connect widget, but it is titled "Networked Blogs".  Just click "Follow this Blog" and follow directions from there.
Extra Entries on Your Blog - You can often get extra entries for blogging about a giveaway on your own blog.  It's easy to set up your own blog and you can do so for free through Blogger.  You can do this by using the “b” icon at the end of this post.  You can get extra entries for linking to the blog hosting the giveaway or posting their "button" in your sidebar.  (See my left side bar where I have the ~Mommy’s Moments~ logo and the words "Grab this Button".  You copy the code I have there and paste it on your blog side bar.) 
    About extra entries......  Even though it takes extra work to do these, doing them can increase your chances of winning!  For example, if there is a blog giveaway that has 400 entries and you do the basic entry, your chances of winning are 1 in 400.  BUT, if you do the basic entry AND subscribe, follow in Google Friend Connect and follow on Twitter, your chances are then 4 in 400, or 1 in 100 – Sounds good!  GOOD LUCK~!

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  1. I like that you spelled this out for your readers! :) I was completely lost the first few times I entered a blog giveaway and this would have been such a helpful post to get me started. I am wondering if you wouldn't mind if I used your great idea here and posted my own, how to enter my giveaway post!? I love the idea of this and it might help out those first timers that just get lost in the haze! :)

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