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Around the World Facebook Giveaway ends 6/29

 At www.babysignlanguage.com we love newly born little people and newly born projects with a heart. This week we want you to join us as we travel around the world with a non-profit partner that loves children. 
www.wideawake.org is a very young and very passionate volunteer-ran organization that aims to provide funding to small grassroots projects around the world focused on alleviating the aches caused by poverty and inequality.
www.wideawake.org selects sponsored organizations based on outstanding stewardship and accountability. Many of these organizations do wonders with very little making a huge impact on the poorest communities around the world.
Our favorite www.wideawake.org project is managed by Yamini Foundation in India. This organization cares for mentally delayed children providing them with basic access to education, food and shelter. Yamini is able to provide a daily lunch for a month to a child for $13. What a sweet deal! 
A good friend of www.wideawake.org has partnered with us at www.babysignlanguage.comand provided with lovely gifts from around the world to help us create awareness of the various organizations sponsored by this non-profit.
Each day we will host a giveaway featuring an item from far away lands from Argentina to Nepal. To participate in the giveaways all you need to do is help us spread the word about this wonderful organization. You can earn entries by taking the following actions:
Special Surprise:  Provided www.wideawake.org reaches 1,100 fans a generous partner has provided us with a lovely Ho Noku 14k white gold pendant and earrings plumeria design slipper set valued at $600. We will select a random winner from all the giveaway participants.



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