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Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight ~ Ally Boo Originals {an etsy jewelry shop}

Ally Boo Originals {etsy shop} has graciously offered the Locked Heart Necklace in the 
~Mommy's Moments~ Teen Girl Package #2!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
About Ally Boo Originals ~ I am a very creative young girl, i do and try everything artsy and crafty.
I paint, draw, work with Adobe photoshop, i'm a photographer & also take a photography course at my school, i horse ride & i love animals and i own variety of animals too! i also LOVE to make jewelry! i try to make a wide variety of different style jewelry, any style at all you name it! punk, emo, scene, goth, and every other style. (although i don't like to label) i try my absolute best to keep everyone happy and satisfied.
My shop is called AllyBoo Originals! i try to keep it completely unique, everything is ONE-OF-A-KIND, i do not duplicate a necklace unless someone actually requests me too for them. all my pieces are from my imagination, i put alot of work and time into my pieces. each piece includes 100% dedication and love!
i will work until all my customers needs are taken care of and until they are completely satisfied and happy! :) 

Find Ally Boo Originals on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and her ETSY SHOP!


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