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Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight ~ Pink Cloud Designs!

Pink Cloud Designs has graciously offered an Abbey carnation and denim wrapped headband in the
~Mommy's Moments~ Ladies / Mom Package #1!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
Hi, my name is Van, but it's pronounced Vung kind of like bun but with a "V." Right now I am a stay at home mom to two children and a wife of a goofy and supportive husband. We currently live in Massachusetts.

How did paper crafting start? I started scrapbooking when my husband told me that he wanted me to make him an album with pictures of us for his birthday. I sarted off doing very basic collage type of work, but quickly got bored. So I went online and youtubed "scrapbooks" and ended up on a page about "mini albums" and I fell in love. Since then my husband would occasionally joked that he regret ever asking me to make him something because I kept going and going and that meant spending more money! You can check out some of my latest paper crafting projects at www.ascrappydream.blogspot.com.

Then not too long into my addiction to scrapbooking, my daughter asked me to fix some of her hair bows that were coming undone and asked me to make her something for her hair. I put it off for a while and finally gave it a try and just like scrapbooking, I couldn't stop. It became another hobby and now I am on a mission to sell some of my latest creations.

I find both paper crafting and making hair accessories relaxing. It is also very rewarding when I recieve some honest opinions and positive feedbacks.

How the name Pinkclouds Designs came to be?  I was told multiple times by traditional Vietnamese folks that my middle name when combined with my first means pink cloud back in the old days. I like looking at the colors that the sun gives off when it is rising and setting. I often see shades of pink in them. 

Thank you so much for visiting and for supporting handmade items.

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Follow in these places, it will be the ways you can enter to win this giveaway package!!

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  1. Thank for the sponser spotlight Karen! I should have proof read this. My tenses are all wrong. haha :)


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