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Dori Jenn {etsy shop} has graciously offered a Tunnel Vision
Multi-Colored Necklace in the
~Mommy's Moments~ Teen Girl Package #2!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
Hi, I'm Dori. I am a self-taught jewelry designer. I am proud to say that all my work is original and inspired by both the physical aspects of the world around me as well as my emotional reactions to them. Plus, I love circles :-D

When I was small my mother would not accept a store-bought card (she was not evil, but merely wanted to motivate and challenge us to be creative). It was fun to use all the craft supplies she made available to us. I have been creating ever since and I can say that creating gives me great pleasure and a very high quality of life! 

I am especially inspired by the view of the Mediterranean Sea which is right outside my window! If you see a small shell on one of my pieces, it was hand-picked from the beach on the Mediterranean Sea in front of my home! 

I should probably mention that I grew up in New Jersey, USA!

Find them on TWITTER and ETSY SHOP!


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