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Join the Retweet Club

Want help sharing your posts, reviews, and giveaways? Want to increase your Klout? Then you've come to the right place!

Let's help each other out with retweets!

Join the Retweet Club!

With your hosts:

@Syrana, @Marirene74, and @HaveSippy

The Rules:

1 - The first rule about the Retweet Club is to talk about the Retweet Club.

2 - Tweet the last entry on the spreadsheet (copy and paste!) - The first spot will always be about the RT Club post!

3 - Choose any post you want that's family friendly!

4 - Add your tweet to be retweeted - typed AS you want it tweeted (refer to the first spot for an example).  Please make sure it is only 140 characters.

5 - Use bit.ly or tinyurl to shorten your post links.

6 - You can retweet more than one and post more than one request.  We ask that you retweet one for each that you post.  We will randomly tweet off the list too.
Optional - You can follow the hosts and send us a tweet telling us you are part of the #RTClub and we'll follow you back!

If you'd like the code to post the listing on your blog, please contact me and I'll send it to you.

**PLEASE NOTE** It takes about 5 minutes for the spreadsheet on this post to update with your submission.  To see the spreadsheet and confirm your information was recorded you may CLICK HERE.

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