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Now, how Cool is this? Violent Lips

You’ve probably seen, and maybe even tried, patterned stick-on nails and wacky stick-on lashes; well, now your lips can get in on the fun/sticky business with some wild temporary lip tattoos from Violent Lips. Designs are all a little over-the-top so far, with styles like animal prints, glitter, rainbow, polka dot, roses, checkered, stripes, and fishnet (patriotic stars-and-stripes and Union Jack styles will be available soon), but I wonder if Violent Lips might think to include subtle, solid, and, uhm, less "violent" tattoos for women looking for a lipstick alternative that actually sticks. Apparently, the product is easy to apply and can be removed with baby oil or mineral oil and a textured wipe.

$14.95 (set of three)

Via http://www.divinecaroline.com/channel/114696-beauty-stickup#ixzz1OV1JG595


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