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SHFT {{an etsy shop}} ~ Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight

Tadashii at SHFT {{an etsy shop}} has graciously offered "My Little Moustache Necklace" in the 
~Mommy's Moments~ Teen Boy Package!

Be sure to come back between June 22nd and 26th to enter!
S.H.F.T. Super awesome original handmade art jewelry and accessories for your super awesome self.

About Tadashii~
My name is Tadashii. I am a steampunk/alternative/graphic jewelry designer living in New Jeresy. 

I love standing in the rain, greek/roman mythology, making crank calls, chewing insane amounts of gum, eating massive amounts of cookies, oversized sweaters, and bad dye jobs.

You can find Tadashii on TWITTER and their ETSY SHOP!
Follow in these places, it will be the ways you can enter to win this giveaway package!!


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