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Dapple Baby ~ Natural and Baby Safe Cleaners ... Pediatrician Approved!! @dapplebaby

I no longer have small kids ... but I remember that I was always worried about what I would and should use on cleaning my kids' toys and areas they played at.  

Dapple Baby is a mom-founded, mom-run company that makes green cleaning products for homes with kids. Our products were developed with the help of pediatricians and green chemists, and use only baby-safe and natural ingredients to target baby-specific messes.

Works for Baby. Works for You.
For baby…

At Dapple, we know that babies come with their own unique cleaning challenges – whether it’s trying to get rid of the milk, odor, and film you find on baby bottles, or keeping baby’s toys and hands clean without harsh chemicals.

Created with input from leading pediatricians and a team of chemists with expertise in green cleaning technology, each one of our products is specially formulated to solve a different baby-related cleaning problem, with natural-based ingredients that are baby-friendly – and designed to address the specific issue at hand.

For you…

Dapple takes the time, hassle, and worry out of cleaning and caring for your baby, with products that are gentle enough for baby, yet powerful enough for your everyday needs. Plus, Dapple products are safer for the environment, so you know you’ll be making things better for many generations of babies to come.

Try Dapple now!

I was sent the Dish Liquid and the Toy Wipe Cleaner!  This product had a great scent!  I really think this is a great product and one you would love too!

You can find Dapple Baby here:

Toys R Us
Babies R Us
Bed Bath and Beyond
BuyBuy Baby
and much more!!

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