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Check out the Lotus bag from Amy Michelle!!

"Lotus bag"

I had the opportunity to review the Lotus bag by Amy Michelle.  This bag is a fantastic looking bag with lots of pockets for all the things you need to carry.  I really love this bag and have been carrying it for several months now and have not wanted to change purses ;.)

Forget diaper bags in pastel colors. Amy Michelle offers runway-fierce totes that would satisfy the most savvy fashionista, and no one but you needs to know about the diapers inside! All bags feature Mom's section in front, baby's organization in the middle and separate changing area in the back. Your purse and diaper bag all-in-one.

You need to stop by and check out all the great products that Amy Michelle has to offer.  I know I need a few more of their great bags!!

You can find them here


  1. Nice review Karen, I love these bags !

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