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Saving Money on Your Car by Negotiating Cleverly

If you are in the market to buy a car and you are looking at many Used Cars to make a purchase, keep in mind that you might have a rising maintenance bill to keep it on the road. The car will be roadworthy when you buy it, but many second hand cars will need attention to areas such as engines and tires sooner rather than later.
Shop around for the best deal by visiting dealerships, looking on the Internet and checking newspapers and car publications. First decide on the kind of car you want. Is it for you only, for a family or for a business? Do you want a two door, four doors or a five-door car? Would a SUV serve your purposes better or even a sleek sports car? Once you have made that decision, it will be necessary to look at all the vehicles in that range.

If it is a family car that you want, make a study of family cars with regard to what will give you the best deal in terms of price, fuel consumption, insurance, taxes and the like. When you have decided on a specific car, do not accept the first price that you are quoted. Negotiate and compare with similar vehicles. Get written quotes to show to the salesperson and in that way, get the price that suits you.

In the event that the tires need replacing, do not accept the first quote that lands on your desk. Get more than one, phone around or visit the dealerships and only then decide which one to take. It will take longer but it will be satisfying if you get it right.

Many cultures accept negotiations as part of the buying process. When you do not negotiate, they think that you do not know what you are doing. They might even lose respect for you (the people in Mauritius are a case in point). They do want to give you the lower price, even the rock bottom price but you have to work for it, drive a hard bargain and outsmart them, so to speak. People in the Western world seem to take things at face value and they lose money.
The insurance of your car is another area where you can save. Comparative quotes are available online and a choice can be made from these. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable company. There is no honor in choosing the lowest price just to be disappointed when you have to make a claim.

As from 2011, taxes are levied on carbon dioxide emissions from cars. The older the car and the larger the engine, the higher the taxes can be. So it stands to reason to buy a model preferably not older than 2001 and with as small an engine as possible. Taxes in excess of £400 per annum can be payable. Decide on the amount of money you want to spend and do not deviate from that decision.


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