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Blog Carnival hosted by Hauling & Trucking, Medical Transcription Source & Makobi Scribe!!

Medical Transcription Source

Hauling & TruckingMedical Transcription Source Makobi Scribe

Present New Year’s Resolution Blog Carnival


Because there have been so many things that we can join in, and they all cost money; I thought I would offer a Blog Carnival with a free option to join. **You can also pay the $5 administration fee if you opt to not do the free method.**
  • Free Method:  When the blog carnival goes live in your giveaway post and after you sign up on the linky below. I will send you a script to put at the beginning of your post along the lines of the green text above. When you receive the text after joining the linky, you need to make a post saying you are in this hop and encourage people to join in. The more traffic we get the better. The second post will be your giveaway post on the day of the Blog Carnival.
  • Paid Method: Only a button is required in your post on the day of the hop with a $5 administration fee paid to jennifer@makobiscribe.com by paypal.
Specifics of the Blog Carnival
  • Your blog needs to host a giveaway on your site from the January 3 to January 10. There will be no minimum prize value.
  • By signing the linky below you are agreeing to post a post about this upcoming up and grab the button and the green text announcing it. Email me with the link of the post at jennifer@makobiscribe.com so I can check you off.
  • The script for the actual giveaway post will be provided to you by email after Dec 15th. (Paid method is agreeing to send the admin fee to Jennifer)
  • The post will go live at 9 am Jan 3 to midnight on Jan 10.
  • There will be a blogger prize of a Kindle awarded at the end of the hop on Jan 11 to one of the participating bloggers. To win this prize, you must have posted the button, script, and linky and have your giveaway post live before noon on Jan 3.
  • I will not email you with confirmation until after Jan 15. If you see you name on the linky below (where you are supposed to put it, consider yourself confirmed.

Click the button above to sign up!!

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