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How do YOU do it all? I would love to hear your thoughs!

Wow!  As a wife of 24 years, mom {to two teenagers}, full-time employee for 25 years at the same company, dabbler in selling Avon for 2 years, new owner and maker of jewelry for about 6 months and owner of 2 blogs ... sometimes life is just exhausting!

Yesterday I thought ... wow, what am I doing!?!  Maybe I need to cut back somewhere and I know it needs to be the latter three of the things I do, but I enjoy doing those too.

I would love to hear about you!  What things do you dabble in and how do you keep it all under control?

How do you make time for each section in your life?  I would love to know ;.)

Slow down ;.)  and have a great Weekend!!


  1. Oh if I really had the answer to that question....
    It's one that's worth asking but like I feel I'll never know. I just keep muddling forward

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  2. Good grief, girl. Do you ever have time to sleep? I can't imagine being as insanely busy as you must be. Good work.

  3. I am your newest follower. I arrived from the Weekend Blog Hop. I have browsed your blog and I am so happy to be following you. Please follow me back at http://houseofmoms.wordpress.com/ Thank you!!!

  4. It is hard to manage so much! I feel for you.
    left you an alexa review and following you on gfc.
    Happy Blogging.
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  5. That's quite the question! It's hard to say where you should cut back. I'ld say cut back on the thing that gives you the least amount of pleasure.

    I use a lot of my time blogging, and for running. Besides that I'm a mom of five.

  6. I have had some of the same thoughts! I have three small children, had been going to school, I am writing a novel, and I maintain 3 blogs... that is on top of my other duties in my Church... I recently chose to cut down on my education as it was giving me added stress, and with my 8 1/2 month old... well, I just wasn't getting the homework done!

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  7. It's important to find balance in what you're doing. Every so often it is important to ask yourself "What am I doing that is adding value to my life?" and "What am I doing that is taking away from my life?"

    Being honest with those questions will help you better manage your time as you'll be doing the things that are worth it to you!

  8. Oh, Karen! I wish I had answers to this! LOL I have no idea how you're doing it all! I really need to come up with some kind of schedule that I can stick with. Right now, I just do whatever I want, whenever I want and if I feel one area isn't getting enough attention, then I focus on that a little more for a while. Not the best system, but I have no set schedule. Thanks for stopping by my new blog, Finding my heartfelt Balance. I'm already a follower of yours every way possible, I think. Have a great week!

  9. wow you have a lot going on!!

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