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All For Love Valentine's Event ~ Blogger Sign Ups!

Valentines Blog Event
hosted by

Rules to Participate:
  • You must get at least a $25 prize/package together to be given away during the event
  • You must display the event button in your sidebar from now until event ends
  • BEFORE adding yourself to the linky below, you must either  a.) blog about this event using the button, encouraging bloggers to sign up & email the link to your blog post to Skye OR b.)  send $5 via Paypal (gift) to Skye at skyecaitlin8@yahoo.com.
If you add yourself to the linky and have not emailed Skye first either way, you will be deleted.
If you are willing to help us spread the word about this event, it is completely free to participate!
If you have any questions feel free to email me (Johanna) at jccchocolate@gmail.com or Skye.


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