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Taking the "Tack" Out of Using Old Gift Wrap {Guest Post}

There’s something about reusing already used gift wrap that seems so
tacky but with the holiday season fast approaching the idea shouldn’t be
discarded altogether. After all let’s face it. Over the years many of us
collected old wrapping paper just for this reason.
Having been given gifts with spectacular or beautiful wrap that just
couldn’t be tossed in the trash we carefully folded or rolled it up and
when nobody else was looking, stashed it away. 
Well, now’s the time to dig that collection out of the closet and
implement the long held desire to use it. Just don’t think you’re being
cheap or look like you’re trying to save a buck because not only is it
an eco-friendly activity but when applied nicely can show a lot of
effort and personal touch that for friends and family says a lot.
That being the case, here are a few things to consider while trying to
go the extra mile and spruce up that old

• Tape/glue: Most used wrapping paper, even if it’s in great condition,
has some pieces of tape or residue from glue on the edges that
previously held it together. First decide whether you can tape over the
areas in question and if not, decipher whether they can be removed while
leaving most of the paper in tact. This requires nothing more than
scissors and some patience and once it’s taken care of you should be
good to go.
• Crinkles/creases: Ok. This will be the biggest obstacle you’ll come up
against because no matter how careful you were peeling the paper off the
original gift marks of some kind will remain where it was folded and
bent. In an effort to remove or flatten some of the crinkles and creases
resting something heavy on the paper for a day or so may help but
chances are they won’t go away completely. Some solutions include the
1.      If you have enough of the same paper cut scraps from other
sections to put over an old fold or wrinkle lining up the patch in a way
so it isn’t too obvious.
2.      Try and cover up the spots with ribbons, stars or other types of
decorative wrapping accessories.
3.      Look through your arts and crafts supplies and see if there’s
anything else you can use to hide imperfections. This may include
glitter or even going over areas with colored pencil, marker or pastels.
Either way it’s all about using your creative mind to transform a few
flaws into a great looking presentation.
• Scraps: Sometimes used wrapping paper just wasn’t stored properly and
the crinkles and creases are too much to cover. Nevertheless, before
tossing it in the recycling bin and running out to buy new materials you
may be able to salvage portions of the paper and use it in a different
way. All it takes is a little ingenuity and a lot of imagination to put
those wrapping paper leftovers to good use. For example try this:
1.              If enough newsprint or white or colored paper is
available wrap the gift as if you were using regular wrapping paper.
2.              Focusing on the leftover scraps of used wrap cut out
holiday oriented shapes and attach them to the paper covering the gift.
A stencil could be a goof tool for making shapes.
3.              Fill in any open space with your favorite medium or if
it juxtaposes nicely with everything around it leave it blank.
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