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Tips on Weaning From Breastfeeding

Tips on Weaning From Breastfeeding

For moms out there who are contemplating of weaning from breastfeeding for various reasons (returning to work, scheduling conflict, etc.), I’ve chanced upon a book that I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from.
Wendi Blaire has just published her first book on weaning from breastfeeding called “Hello Milk, Bye-Bye Milk: A Guide To Breastfeeding And Weaning”. It’s a must for moms who would like to wean using the gentle weaning method, where weaning is done according to how our body works and with utmost regard for our baby’s physical and emotional well being.
In her book, she talks about the weaning as a natural part of breastfeeding. True enough, as babies grow older, they seek other sources of nutrition apart from breast milk. Specifically, as babies approach 6 months of age, they become ready to try solid food. Breast milk alone is no longer enough to satisfy their needs. Naturally, this is when weaning begins because instead of breastfeeding, a baby will be taking in solid food.
Weaning also takes place when babies become able to sleep through the night. It’s important to learn how to identify if the night feeds are taking place because your baby is hungry or just wants to be comforted. This will allow you to naturally wean your baby and have a good night’s rest yourself.
We all agree that breastfeeding is best for babies, and most moms would like to breastfeed their babies for as long as possible. However, there are circumstances that make it much harder for the modern mom to continue breastfeeding. Work obligations, social obligations, even having other children are all demands that take time away from moms to devote to breastfeeding.
Having experienced breastfeeding first hand, we know that weaning isn’t as easy as simply stopping breastfeeding and refusing your baby. It’s a lot more complicated, and it is often fraught with problems like breast engorgement, infection, and pain. For our babies, we also need to look after their emotional well being and make sure that as they wean, they continue to feel secure and confident in our care and love. And then of course, there’s the question of alternative sources of nutrition that is going to be right for our babies.
And that is why learning the ways of gentle weaning is a must. If you want your weaning experience to further strengthen the bond that you have nurtured with your baby, then gentle weaning is the way to go.
“Hello Milk, Bye-Bye Milk: A Guide To Breastfeeding And Weaning” is an information-packed book I recommend to every mom, whether you’ve just started breastfeeding, or are thinking about expressing milk or completely weaning your baby from breastfeeding, be sure to check out this book. You can learn more about it here:  http://www.byebyebreastfeeding.com


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