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Join the $100 Amazon Twitter Blast!

What is a Twitter Blast? You the blogger can join for $1 with one account – Twitter. Then I will provide the prize-$100 Amazon code.

What do you need to do to join? 
  • Post about the event with the button linking back to this post. (Right click save the image)
  • Fill out this form - sign ups close Jan 14th at 9 AM EST.
  • Post the Rafflecopter on your blog and your Facebook page for the event. You can get it here
  • Then schedule the giveaway post to go live on Jan 15 11:59 PM EST to Feb 1 12:01
  • You can post on every blog you have, one post per twitter account.
  • I will email you on the 14th to remind you.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! Visiting back from the Alexa Hop:) Happy Friday!


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