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Playing with Fire Kindle G!veaway Sign-ups $5 for 2 links!!

Are you looking to gain followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email subscriptions and more? Want to host a big giveaway on your blog? Giveaway events are an awesome way to boost your followers, as well as offer a stellar prize to your readers! Don’t have a ton to spend? This event is affordable at only $5 for two links! You can even purchase two additional links for $3 each.

Giveaway Details 
Dates: January 17-31

Cost: $5. This gets you two links. You can purchase up to two more links at $3/each.

Grand Prize: One lucky entrant will win a Kindle Fire ($199 value!), complete with Wi-Fi, apps, and more! Sweet!

Sign Up! 
To join this event, fill out this form. Once you do, you will receive an email with a link to the Facebook group where you can receive updates about the event, along with other important information.

Payment Details 
Make payment via PayPal to ashley@freckleberryfinds.com as a GIFT. In the notes section,include your blog name in order to see who has paid :).

Want to get in to the event for free? The blogger who refers the most blogs will have their entry fee refunded!

Here’s how you can promote this event:
Tweet and Facebook: “Playing With Fire Kindle giveaway event sign ups are open! $5 buy in! Make sure you say ***YOUR BLOG*** sent you! http://bit.ly/xKtOwi

Sign ups will close January 15. Once you fill out the form and submit payment, you'll receive an email with important information. I hope you'll join me! Don't forget to say Mommy's Moments referred you! Smile


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