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I want to introduce you to ~ Origami Owl Custom Jewelry and Lisa Vining

Lisa Vining,  of Spring Hill, Tennessee,  is proud to announce the launch of her new business as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry, a fun and fashionable direct sales company with a unique twist. As an Independent Designer with Origami Owl, Lisa holds interactive events where she helps guests create one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry that best reflects their style.

Origami Owl was founded by a 14 year old entrepreneur. Inspired by the desire to create jewelry that would be beautiful, meaningful, whimsical and fun, Isabella Weems launched the company with the goal of saving enough money to buy her first car. In 2010 she introduced the “Living Locket”, a necklace that can be customized with meaningful charms that represent things that are important to you. From humble beginnings at home parties, the success of Origami Owl quickly grew in fanfare and today Weems’ business model is replicated by Independent Designers nationwide. “Women absolutely love creating unique pieces of jewelry that reflect their own style. We closely follow the latest styles to ensure that each item in our exclusive line is fashion-forward and on-trend,” said Isabella Weems, Origami Owl’s Founder.

For more information about Origami Owl’s customizable jewelry, hosting a party or starting your own Origami Owl business, contact Lisa Vining at  lisapv69@gmail.com

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry (www.lisa.origamiowl.com) is a direct sales company that features an exclusive line of trend-setting customizable jewelry. With Origami Owl you can have the flexibility to run your own business on your own time, help others design meaningful jewelry keepsakes and make a profit in the process. Visit www.lisa.origamiowl.com  to learn more about the company and its ground floor business opportunities.

Check Lisa out on FACEBOOK and tell her that "Mommy's Moments" sent you by!!

I LOVE these necklaces ~ so BEAUTIFUL!!


  1. Jewelry is always a fun accessory to have. I had never heard of Origami Owl thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful and what a great job reviewing this new company!

  3. How unique and beautiful! I had never heard of Origami Owl before but these would make great mother's day gifts!

    Mariah, Formula Mom

  4. So pretty! Great gift items.

  5. Wow, I can't believe it was founded by a 14 yr. old. The jewelry pieces look amazing... definitely unique and very intricate.

  6. These are absolutely beautiful! I really like the idea that they are customizable too! :)

  7. I really like this. Her necklaces are very unique, which I like in my jewelry choices. Thank you for posting about this!

  8. Thanks for the post! That's some beautiful jewelry!

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