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Kosher Casual ~ Modest Clothing For The Modern Lifestyle {review} @ModernlyModest

I have been lucky to find a Modest Clothing site ... called Kosher Casual.  I love this shop and all their fashions!
Kosher Casual Long
In today's world it is hard to find clothing that is modest not only for moms, but especially for their daughters.  I have a 14 year old daughter and making sure the clothing she picks out is modest is sometimes hard to find.

At Kosher Casual you can find modest clothing and still look fashionably fabulous!  They carry modest skirts, shirts, sleevies and t-shirts!  They even have items for men & boys.  All their items are made in Israel with love!

Kosher Casual sent me the Straight Pencil Skirt in a Chocolate Brown color.  I LOVED this skirt.  It was very comfortable!  I want one of these in each of the colors taupe & black.
Skirt in Taupe color

Here are some other items I LOVE!
  • Yoga Pants ~ Only $14
    3/4 sleeve Shirt ~ $14
    You can find lots of great items here at Kosher Casual!

    They also have a $50 Gift Certificate raffle going on right now until March 31st.  ENTER HERE

    Ways to connect with Kosher Casual!

    If you are ready to make a purchase from Kosher Casual, just click on the button below!
    Kosher Casual Big box


  1. It's nice that there's a company that sells modest clothing. I really like those yoga pants. Going over now to enter their raffle.

  2. This stuff looks SUPER comfy! I am all for modesty. My kids thought it was funny that people on my exercise video where not wearing a shirt (sports bras) it is nice to know not all stores are going in the less modest direction.

  3. I'd not heard of this retailer before and their looks are quite stylish! Thank you for sharing!

  4. It is so hard to find things that are modest. I wear undershirts all the time because of it. Sad really. Thanks for sharing an alternative with us.


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