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OrganicShops.us Introduces a Price Comparison Platform for Organic Products

OrganicShops.us, is a price comparison site dedicated exclusively to finding the best prices on all organic products.  The site already indexes over 7,000 organic products and more than 300 organic brands, all targeted towards the US market.

As everybody knows by now, organic products contain only natural ingredients, free of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, additives, synthetic colorants and many other ingredients that are not only a health hazard to people, but also a hazard to the environment.

The problem with organic products is they cost more than regular products. “Organic products are still perceived as a luxury”, says Eugenia Cosinschi, the site’s founder. “With OrganicShops.us, we want to challenge that perception. We want to show that there are affordable organic products, and even if we can’t switch to a 100% organic lifestyle in a matter of days, we can at least start step by step, product by product.”

The site covers a large variety of products, from organic clothing, including organic baby clothes,organic cosmetics, eco-friendly clothing and organic food, to organic cleaning products.  The idea of the website came from a personal need, explains the owner. “I found myself reading the list of ingredients on every product, then going online to research them. When I saw my favorite shampoo contained substances that can cause irritations, allergies, liver damage, rashes, dermatitis, genetic mutations and even cancer in some cases, I knew it was time for me to go organic. But I didn’t want to spend a fortune on organic products, so I starting looking for the lowest prices. This is how this site was born.”

The founder plans on extending the website and double the number of indexed shops by the beginning of next year. As the holidays are around the corner, people can also find on the website discounts and deals on organic products from the monitored shops.

My take ~ 
I always thought that "going organic" was a luxury I could not afford, but with Organic Shops website, you can find the best deals and they also show you the active discounts and sales that these organic shops are having.  Why don't you take a minute and check out this website!  I can't wait to check it out some more and use these shops to help me and my family "go green"!
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