bx92Miyzm9HEFkaEhYzly8BCg8g ~Mommy's Moments~: Sponsor Spotlight ~ flOwer bUcket bOUtique! @bUcketbOUtique


Sponsor Spotlight ~ flOwer bUcket bOUtique! @bUcketbOUtique

About Jamie at flOwer bUcket bOUtique ~
I am a mother of three little ones, a photographer, a dance teacher and now an entrepreneur and sole pair of hands that create all your little goodies, please know that time is limited and not a luxury for me. I love that I am a little hodge podger, but it does spread me thin some days. 

Currently all profits are going to my kids' college funds and my husbands' tuition and books as he starts back to school this fall for another two years to get his Master's in Administration with an emphasis in Health Sciences. Good luck honey - and good luck me as I try to foot the bill for online schooling ;) 

We hope you enjoy every item you find in our bucket. The best compliment you can give us is a referral of a friend, so go spread the bucket love!

flOwer bUcket bOUtique is giving away a beautiful Ranunculus Flower Hair Clip, Winner's Color Choice {$5 ARV}

You can find flOwer bUcket bOUtique here:


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