bx92Miyzm9HEFkaEhYzly8BCg8g ~Mommy's Moments~: Sponsor Spotlight ~ Scarfs Boutique a great Etsy Site! @ScarfsBoutique


Sponsor Spotlight ~ Scarfs Boutique a great Etsy Site! @ScarfsBoutique

About Kristi at Scarfs Boutique ~ 

My first title is mom. I have been crafting since I was a little girl, and I have always loved it. My biggest passion is knitting, but I also love to sew. 

I love to watch Television and Movies. 

I am a hard worker, and dedicated to it!

I love people, all kinds of people. 

I like to read for informational purposes only, well pretty much!

Last but not least, I use the exclamation mark way too much!!

Scarfs Boutique is giving away this beautiful Oatmeal Cowl {$20 ARV}

You can find Scarfs Boutique here:

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