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My Father {guest post}

My Father

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

My dad is always there for me, so when I finally had enough saved to buy a place of my own, I naturally went to him for advice. We made a lot of the biggest decisions together, like whether to buy a house or a condo, and which bank to take out the loan with. He may be old-fashioned, but he is very smart and has never steered me wrong. He had a lot of good tips for me, and he made the whole process go smoothly for me. It would have been very hard to do all of the research on my own since I have never bought my own house before. We were able to find a great house, and I got a great interest rate on the loan. After I was all moved in, he still insisted on one thing. My father really wanted me to go to SecurityChoice.com and hook up a home alarm system. Even thought I don’t feel like I need it, I’m going to go ahead and honor his wishes so he doesn’t worry about me.


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