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Natural Stress busters: Eat right to feel right {guest post}

Stress has become a companion of sorts for people, in their busy lives, amidst meetings, tight schedules and deadlines. It is not unusual to see tempers shoot up at the slightest provocation. This happens all thanks to stress and anxiety. Students and homemakers too are a part of this circle of stress as they have their own issues to attend to. In such a scenario, exercising is beneficial for sure but something as simple as taking a good diet can help you drive away the blues. Here we list some foodstuffs that work like magic on your mood to keep you calm and relaxed.
1. Avocado
It is a rich source of potassium mineral. Potassium keeps your blood pressure in control. Stress invariably causes your blood pressure to increase. Potassium rich avocado helps you reduce it for you to be calm and cheerful.
2. Blueberries
Cortisol is a stress hormone. Its levels increase markedly in the body when you are anxious. Blueberries are a rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants act against the effect of cortisol. Simply put, this means that you are able to keep mental stress and anxiety at bay.
3. Dark Chocolate
Phenethylamine and flavonoids in chocolate are not just stress suppressants but mood alleviators too. This does not hold true for just about any chocolate but the ones in which cocoa makes for at least two-thirds of the composition.
4. Fish
Tuna and Salmon are rich in omega 3-fatty acids. These protect you against heart related ailments. In addition, the stress relieving nature of these fatty acids is not temporary. Regular intake protects you against stress and depression.
5. Nuts
Walnuts, pistachios and almonds are all good for your heart and keep stress at bay. In addition, the Vitamin E that you get from these nuts strengthens your immune system.
6. Oranges
Vitamin C comes into the picture here. It reduces the levels of hormones such as cortisol. This keeps you relaxed and protects you from stress related heart ailments.
7. Skim milk
Calcium in milk controls your stress levels. For those wary of fat, skim milk comes as a good alternative. Take three to four servings of milk everyday to keep your sleep cycle in harmony. It has a rejuvenating affect on you.
8. Sunflower seeds
Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that keeps you in high spirits. Its production in the body requires folates. Sunflower seeds are a good source of folates.
9. Complex carbohydrates
Fiber rich complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, pasta, whole grain bread and cereals increase the level of serotonin in your blood without releasing too much sugar in it instantly. Serotonin alleviates stress.
10. Spinach
The magnesium in spinach ensures that fatigue does not get to you quickly in the form of stress and headache. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself.
Our diet affects our looks and our demeanor too. If paying a little attention to what you eat can help you ward off stress, then a change in your lifestyle in terms of the food you take is certainly called for. Do the needful and feel the difference it makes.

About the author: Brianne Walter is a blogger who enjoys writing on health and beauty the most. She is big supporter of home remedies and is currently working on an article on acne home remedies. She prefers only natural products for her skin and hair care.


  1. Eating the right foods is SO important to mental health! There are so many processed foods that people tend to pass up the fresh stuff. Bad choices make for bad health. Great post!

  2. It is amazing how well your body responds when you pick the correct food to eat.

  3. I ♥ just about everything on your list. Excellent source of information. With us building a house and living in a motel room with 3 teenagers, our stress is just a bit higher! I'm going to make sure we have plenty spinach and blueberries.

  4. I need to bust some stress for sure. Thanks for sharing :D


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