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Suits for Every Body: 12 Tips for Finding the Right Suit for You {guest post}

It turns out those fashion magazines are right – amidst the selection of swimwear and plus size swimwear, the perfect suit for your body does exist. What they're wrong about is that you have to have the body of a super model to do it. The truth is, there are very few women who are 100% happy with their body, and they always have at least one thing in mind that they could change.

So, grab a couple of your best girlfriends and make a day of it. When shopping, keep this in mind: Not every suit is designed for every body type. There are so many options out there, whether you're small chested, big hipped, or something else entirely. To make things easier, we're going to break this down by body type. Here are a few tips for finding a suit that flatters:

If you're small chested…

·        Shop for swimsuit tops with a little bit of padding to give you extra oomph. Adjustable straps are helpful in tightening and adjusting your top to give you a little more on the top.
·        Ruffled or lacy triangle tops are all the rage, and lucky for you, they also help enhance your top half.

If you have a large chest…

·        You'll likely need a little extra support, and that's where halter-top bikinis come in handy. These tops not only provide excellent support, but also help enhance your cleavage for a sexy look.
·        You may also want to explore a one-piece with a shelf bra. This type of suit provides great support and usually has comfortable, wide straps.
·        Avoid strapless tops, as they just won't give you the support you need. And the last thing you want is an accidental slip…

If you're plus-sized…

·        A one-piece suit that gathers in the tummy may be your ticket to looking good and feeling great. It will help hide your stomach while complimenting your other curves.
·        Not comfortable with your thighs? Just buy a cute sarong to match your suit and you'll be among the most stylish on the beach.

If you have a short torso or legs…

·        Try a two-piece with a printed top and solid bottom. This will draw people's eyes upward and make your body appear much taller.
·        Or, go for a plunging neckline. Why? Because not only does it show off your cleavage, but it all stretches your body to make you look tall.
·        If you're petite, avoid boy shorts or a suit with a skirt because it'll draw the eyes downward and can make you appear even shorter. 

If you're tall…

·        Avoid looking like a stick by shopping for suits with embellishments around the bust line and hips. Bows, rings, and ties are all great ways to do this.
·        If you opt for a one-piece, shop for something a little out of the ordinary. Look for one with cut out sides to break up your torso.

And there you have it, ladies. Take this list with you next time you're on the search for a swimsuit that leaves you looking and feeling great.
 About the Author:
Cindy Prosser modeled swimwear in her pre-baby life...now that she's a part time freelance writer and full time mom, she currently prefers writing about swimwear vs. traipsing about in it. Thankfully, there are many styles to fit many different (and ever-changing) body types. During her only quiet time of the day (nap time!), Cindy enjoys writing about plus size swimwear from Bare Necessities and saving money with the Bare Necessities coupon.  Like us on Facebook for sales and more!


  1. This is good information as it really helps to choose your suit according to your shape.

  2. Love this! What a wonderful resource :) Thank you for the introduction!

  3. This is great! I've always wondered how to look OK in a suit even without the perfect body! This will definitely help me pick out my suit for this year!

  4. i always have a hard time in the chest area :(

  5. Oh my it's almost that time again already? UGH! Good post!

  6. LOL! What do you do when your problem encompasses numbers 2, 3, and 4? Ugh. Thanks for sharing. I do find it hard to find a flattering bathing suit so my looking for styles like you've suggested that'll probably help.



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