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Don't have family or individual dental insurance? Check out Aetna Dental Access Plan

I know, most people do not like to go to the dentist.  It is even worse if you do not have dental insurance.

Aetna Dental Access Plan is an affordable dental discount plan, an alternative to dental insurance.  Discount dental plans are not dental insurance plan, but a discount program.  Participating dentists have agree to to accept a discounted fee from our members as payment in full for the services provided.

With this discount plan you do not have an annual limit and you can use your plan as often as needed.  If you do have dental insurance, these plans can be used to reduce your out of pocket expenses for dental care.

You can choose from more than 30 discount plans.  Select plans offer a significant discount on cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, bonding and veneers.  These plans activate within 3 business days and do not have health restrictions.  You don't have to wait months to get the dental care you need.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

Teri B
I hadn’t seen a dentist in about three years since I had one crown and a filling done on my teeth, but I was experiencing pain so I had to go in. I found out that my dentist offered your plans and signed up right away because the last work had cost me so much. Come to find out I grind my teeth so hard at night that I had broken three of my molars and chipped both my front teeth! Without DentalPlans.com, I could have never afforded the crowns and special fillings for my teeth to repair all the damage. I got savings that would have covered my DentalPlans.com annual fee for years! Thanks to the plan, I’m pain free and my entire savings was not wiped out repairing all the damage to my teeth. Thanks DentalPlans.com from a very satisfied patient.

Valorie B
I had never heard of Aetna Dental until my daughter needed just over two thousand dollars worth of dental work. At the appointment, I was more than shocked & anxious about the anticipated costs, when the receptionist at the dentist's office said they were now accepting Aetna Dental and gave me the information for the website. I was lucky enough to get the whole family enrolled at a time when we were given 3 months free which reduced the price to begin the program. When I took my daughter for the dental work, was I amazed at how much we saved - two-thirds the regular cost of the work! The savings more than covered the enrollment fee and we were able to save on future appointments the remainder of the year as well. It is WELL WORTH doing, especially if you do not have dental insurance and you have a family. 

Plans offered by DentalPlans.com are not dental insurance policies and the plans do not make payments directly to the providers of dental services.

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