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Mixing Up Birthday Party Plans

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Repeating the same old format for a birthday party is, let’s face it, boring for everyone. It’s boring for the children, who may wish to do something different but cannot think of anything, and organising the same thing year after year will definitely get boring for you too. Thinking of something that strays away from the generic fancy dress and party games can be a struggle, but if you do manage to settle on a different idea, it can be rewarding for both you and the children.

One idea that many people won’t have even considered before is a t-shirt party. This is a fun and unique (albeit slightly messy) way to keep children entertained and give them an experience they’ve probably never done before. It’s doesn’t have to be the main focus of the party, but can be a fun activity that can be incorporated into any existing party plan and won’t break the bank in the process.

Plain t-shirts can quite easily be acquired in multipacks for next to no cash, and fabric markers or marker pens are readily available in most craft shops.

One thing that is important in this case is preparation. Have a plan in place for when the children arrive so that you aren’t trying to set up and plan the party around a huge group of them. It’s probably a good idea to have a designated table and area for them to carry out their painting and drawing full of pens and paints. If you give them the plain t-shirt on arrival, you can divert them to the table without much fuss. Imagine being given a piece of clothing as a child, and being told you
can deface it as much as you like without getting on the wrong side of your parents!

Whilst pens do a more than adequate job, you can’t beat the effect you can from paints. Not only does this allow for more mixing and creation of different colors, but also allow stencils to be used more effectively to create nicer patterns. Not every child is as creative as the next, and this means that they won’t find themselves feeling downbeat if their t-shirts isn’t as pretty as the rest.

Although it’s to be expected that paint and mess come as a twosome, many people still don’t prepare adequately. On a nice day, this activity might be a great idea for an outdoors activity so that the children aren’t stuck inside looking at the beautiful day and not focusing on having fun. This is not only beneficial to them, but you too as no precious furniture or carpets will get a new coating. As we all know though the weather is far from predictable and is always likely to at least attempt to scupper your plans. If this is the case, then quick and simple ways to prevent any damage to your home is to cover all the surfaces in old newspapers or other cheap protective materials.

Finally, if the idea of using personalized t-shirts for a birthday is something that appeals but you simply do not have the time or resources to make them, then consider buying a batch of printed printed t-shirts. These are a great way two kill two birds with one stone as the kids will enjoy being part of the group and standing out, and it will also help you keep a close eye on them to ensure that all remains well in the group.

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  1. fun project! Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Hop! xo

  2. Great idea! Love giving kids freedom to create!

  3. What a great idea, lots of fun for all the kids!!

  4. Cleaver idea. I'm sure the kids enjoy it.

  5. Great idea....I want to do this with my Grandboys! Thanks!

  6. All birthday parties should be planned for outside or in a public place. This would be so fun to do outside in bathing suits! Then just hose them off afterwards.

  7. Kids would love doing this! Thanks for the ideas and tips!

  8. This is a great and unique idea that my 7 year old son will love at his upcoming birthday. I always search out different ideas, and my two kids and their friends are always excited to see what my next idea is...this will have a place at our party!


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