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Where has the time gone?

Yesterday as my husband and I were going to lunch after church, we were wondering "Where has the time gone?"  We have two teenagers, a 16 year old son and a 14 year old daughter.  Usually we go to church together and then go out to eat afterwards with another family.  Well, yesterday after church our son went out to eat with friends and then our daughter went to church with a friend and then hung out the afternoon.

So it was just us two at lunch.  We enjoy just being us, but when you do the same thing for many years and then there is a change ... it is strange.  Almost sad to me.  We discussed that we wish we could go back to when they were younger ... it was easier.  Teenagers are a lot of work.  Now I realize it was so much easier when they were younger ;.)

Where are you at your stage of life with your kids?

If you have younger kids, I say ENJOY it!  You can never get it back! ;.)


  1. time does fly....my "baby" is going to kindergarten this year!

  2. My baby is 29 and my oldest is 31. Time does fly but my advice is to enjoy each stage of it.

  3. Being an older mother, I am enjoying every moment!


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