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Preparing For Your Child’s First Day Of School {guest post}

  The first thing to do is to make sure your child knows as much as possible about the school they are going to be attending in advance. A great idea is to visit the school in advance and let your child have a look around so that they can get used to the place they will be spending their days in the future. Any anxiousness that could result on their first day of school caused from a lack of familiarity with their surroundings could be reduced by visiting in advance and, if possible, meeting their teacher. Even if they know no-one else in their class they will at least have one ally this way!

  After this a great idea, and one which could provide a great day of bonding with your child as well as helping prepare them, is to make sure you have all the essential items they need for the first day of term. Before going shopping, sit down with your child and talk to them about the things they will need for school, explain to them why they will need it and ask them for suggestions and feedback too. Making a list too can be a fun activity and ticking off items as they are bought is a great idea. This will help build anticipation in the child’s mind and get them excited for their first day. An example of explaining why certain things are needed for school could come when buying a lunch box – explain that they will not be eating at home every day now and will need to take lunch to school to eat. This will help them feel grown up, as will shopping for their new uniform and trying on their very first pair of school shoes.

  In the build up to the first day make sure to further explain what they should expect on the first day of school; it is a great idea for a parent to tell their little one about all the friends they will make whilst also sharing their own memories of school with them. In letting them know what will happen on the first day of term, and at school thereafter, the child will be much less nervous than simply turning up on the first day and not knowing what is going on. Finally, when the big day arrives, there is nothing else that can be done other than to give your child all the hugs they need before they go to class for the very first time. Tell them that you will be waiting for them at the end of the day with even more hugs, if they would like, and also let them know that now you have told them all about your time at school, maybe it would be nice to switch roles for a while? That way you can hear about all the new friends they’ve made and all the adventures they’ve had. 

Kieron Casey is a fashion writer and Dad who is dreading his daughters first day of school. He writes for Barratts who have a fantastic range of
school shoes for kids.

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