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{Sweepstakes} Bic Pens, Erasers & Pencils ends 9/11/12

Well, kids here in Tennessee are back at school and have been for about 3 weeks.

My kids, Josh (16) and Kaitlin (14) started their junior and freshman year this year.  Of course, we needed school supplies ... lots of them too!  Pens and pencils are always at the top of the list!

We had the opportunity to review several great back to school products from Bic ... and we loved them all!  They all are being well used too!

• BIC Velocity® Bold Fashion Ball Pen, 8-Pack, Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $6.99  
• BIC Cristal® Bold Fashion Ball Pen, 10-pack, SRP $2.19  
• BU3 Grip Fashion Ball Pen, 8-pack, SRP $3.69  
• BIC Erasers, 4-pack, $1.99  
• BIC Atlantis® Fashion Mechanical Pencil, 4-pack, SRP $6.49  
• BIC Clic Matic® Mechanical Pencil in Fashion Colors, 4-pack, SRP $3.70

Check BIC out at their FACEBOOK PAGE!!

Bic has kindly offered to give away this same Prize Pack to one of our lucky readers!!  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below!  Good Luck!

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We received the Bic Prize Pack for review purposes only and were not compensated in any other way.

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